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Physician Information

Dr. McCrea is accepting referrals to his office and more information about the process can be found here.  To make your life easier, we have made downloadable referral forms/guidelines for endoscopy, breast health surgery, and general surgery.  The office uses OSCAR EMR and has generated eforms for referrals if you would like to download and add them to your OSCAR eform database.  Dr. McCrea accepts referals by fax or phone but not by email.  Patients can email their information voluntarily to us but we will not accept 3rd party emails of confidential patient information.

Referral Forms

Please find downloadable guidelines with fill-able disease templates for general surgery referrals. The purpose of these guidelines is to streamline patient flow towards diagnosis and treatment. The current guidelines are PDF documents. In the future, OSCAR EMR eforms will also be available for download here.

Charlottetown General Surgeons

Please find contact information for my colleagues:


Surgeon                                     Telephone           Fax

Dr. Jeff Craswell                         902.628.6528       902.367.3284

Dr. Barry Fleming                      902.629.8813       902.629.8838

Dr. Alex Gillis                              902.566.1445       902.566.1446



Atlantic Canada Subspecialty Surgeons

Dr. McCrea is happy to see all patients with general surgery concerns but will rerefer to subspecialists for the the following issues. Please check for updates on surgeries offered by the office.


Dalhousie General Surgery Faculty Page



  • Liver Tumors - Drs. Walsh, Molinari, Alwayn, and Porter

  • Pancreatic Tumors - Drs. Walsh, Molinari, and Alwayn

  • Biliary Tumors - Drs. Walsh, Molinari, and Alwayn

  • Transplant Surgery - Drs. Walsh, Molinari, and Alwayn


Surgical Oncology

  • Melanoma - Drs. Helyer and Giacomantonio

  • Sarcoma - Drs. Helyer, Giaocomantonio, and Porter

  • Gastric Cancer - Dr. Helyer


Upper GI Surgery

  • Weight loss surgery - Dr. Ellsmere

  • Esophageal/Hiatal surgery - Dr. Ellsmere

  • Laparoscopic Splenectomy - Dr. Klassen


Colorectal Surgery

  • Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEMS) - Dr. Williams


Endocrine Surgery

  • Adrenal - Dr. Helyer

  • Parathyroid - Dr. Helyer


Subspecialty Surgeon Contacts


Surgeon                                      Telephone         Fax

Dr. Mark Walsh                          902.473.5296      902.473.5297

Dr. Michelle Molinari                 902.473.7624     902.473.7639

Dr. Geoff Porter                         902.473.6499      902.473.6496

Dr. Lucy Helyer                           902.473.1877     902.429.3313

Dr. Carmen Giacomantonio     902.473.6177     902.473.6178

Dr. Ian Alwayn                            902.473.6193     902.473.6640

Dr. Jim Ellsmere                         902.473.1886      902.425.3817

Dr. Dennis Klassen                    902.473.5574      902.473.2828

Dr. Lara Williams                       902.473.3937      902.428.4176

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