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Hernia Surgery Patients

Here you can find more information about hernias and their repair.  Depending on the type of Hernia you have, you could go home the same day as your surgery or be in hospital for up to 3 to 5 days.


Patient Procedure Information


Please find instruction sheets below detailing pre and post operative care for hernia procedures,

What are Hernias?


Hernias are an abnormal defect in a body lining that allows the protrusion of tissue or organs into a space they are not naturally mean to be.  Hernias are common and people can be born with them, they can develop over time, or they can occur after surgery.


Does it Need to be Fixed?


Hernias that are causing problems with your daily living or that are at risk of being stuck and strangulated should be fixed.  In some people the risk of surgery outweighs the benefits.  Most hernias are fixed with a prosthetic mesh which bridges the defect in your normal tissue.  The healing after this repair is markedly affected by smoking.  Smokers can have disastarous failures of repair which ultimately require mesh removal.  For this reason, it is not advisable to fix some hernias in patients who smoke unless its an emergency.


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