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Colorectal Surgery Patients

If you are being referred for problems of the anus, rectum, or colon, you can find more information here. Please find instruction sheets as well as links to helpful websites.

About Colon and Rectal Resection Surgeries


Surgical treatment of Colorectal disease generally requires resecting the involved segment of bowel.  Conditions which may require surgery include Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Colorectal Cancer, Large Polyps, and infections such as C. Diff colitis.


Surgeries are not named for the disease being treated but according to the section of bowel removed and the approach.


Surgeries on the Colon are called: Illeocolic,  (very beginning of colon), Right Hemicolectomy (beginning), Transverse Colectomy (middle), Left Hemicolectomy (near end), or Sigmoid Colectomy (very end).  If all of the colon is removed it is called a Total or Subtotal Colectomy.


Rectal surgeries are called either a low anterior resection (LAR) or an abominal perineal resection (APR).  If disease or cancer is present at the sphincter muscles, an APR is usually done.


A LAR is performed entirely through an incision on the abdomen and if the bowel is healthy it is reconnected at that time.  If you have had radiation, a diverting temporary stoma will usually be made in order to protect the new connection; this diverting stoma is removed or "reversed" at a later date.


An APR is performed through incisions on both the abdomen and perineum.  This surgery removes the entire rectum and anus.  You will have a permanant "end colostomy".

Colorectal Procedures


Minimimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques are used when possible. MIS involves using a camera (Laparoscope) and small instruments placed through keyhole incisions.


Patients who have had either laparoscopic or open (traditional) surgery benefit from early ambulation, breathing exercises, and good pain control.


Plase find instruction sheets detaling pre and post operative care for colon and rectal surgeries.

Anal Procedures


Anal procedures include Hemorrhoidectomy, Excision of Anal Mass or Polyp, Drainage of Abscess, Fistulotomy, and Anal Fissure Repair. Generally, you are sent home the same day of the procedure. Please find an instruction sheet detailing pre and post operative care:

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