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Dr. McCrea is Seeing New Patients

This website is a patient and physician resource for Dr. McCrea's general surgery practice in Charlottetown, PE.  Dr. McCrea has short wait lists for endoscopy and elective surgery.  All patients with cancer are fast-tracked.


All patients must have a referral from their primary care physician.

In Case of Emergency

Patients:   Go to the emergency department nearest to you and advise our office if you experience any of the following:


  • Fever/chills

  • Continuous nausea/vomiting

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Severe pain


Procedures Offered

Dr. McCrea is pleased to offer the following medical procedures:


  • Endoscopy - colonoscopy and gastroscopy

  • Breast surgery (non-plastic)

  • Colon and rectal surgery

  • Billary tract disease and surgery

  • Perianal disease and surgery

  • Thyroid surgery

  • Emergency general surgery

Latest News ...
December 1, 2013 Update

All forms have been updated and links corrected.  This site has also been optimized for internet explorer 9 and above.



Eco-Friendly Office

We use electronic medical records (EMR).  OSCAR is our program of choice.  With limited use of paper in the office, we are minimizing our environmental footprint.


trust. quality care. expertise.

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